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Laurie Lawrenz, LPC, LSW, SAC-IT, CTP
Center Director, Mental Health Therapist
I believe that there is something positive to find in all situations. Therapy should be a positive step to change in life and I believe all clients have the power of change within them. I will help you or your loved one to find that power within and make positive changes in your life. I am a Substance Abuse Professional and I am certified to perform DOT assessments for positive alcohol and drug tests. I provide counseling for any type of addiction (heroin, alcohol, sex, Internet) in a non-judgmental manner.
My specialties include assessments for clients in the criminal justice system, domestic violence batterers program (WBTPA certified) and anger management correction. I am a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist and a Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Specialist. I work with male and female victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Office Locations: Sheboygan, Wausaukee, Crivitz
Leah Schultz, LPC, CTP
Child/Adolescent Therapist
Helping children and adolescents maintain good mental health now will make the future of our world brighter. I have a passion for assisting children and adolescents ages 3-17 in overcoming and managing many obstacles, from behavioral problems and defiance to anxiety and depression. I tailor sessions with your child based on previous levels of treatment, the diagnoses/issues at hand, your child's personality and your life. Also, I am a firm believer in the power of positivity and am able to find strengths in all children, regardless of their reason for coming to therapy.

I work very well with children who are quiet, thoughtful and may have been resistant to therapy in the past. I like to work with kids who are "weird" and consider themselves outsiders. I am not your average therapist, and my clients don't need to be average either! It would be my pleasure to work for you and your child.

Office Locations: Sheboygan 
Brittney Carter, LPC
Mental Health Therapist
I have a passion for providing non-judgmental help to those who need it, and for a variety of concerns and issues. I believe in meeting my clients where they are, and working together in the therapeutic process. I take a positive yet realistic approach to the treatment process, and truly believe that, with a little bit of help, everyone has the ability to improve themselves and work through their struggles. I am enthusiastic in my work, and using a client-centered method, I strive to tailor my approach to the needs of each individual I work with.
My specialties include working with LGBTQ individuals and the hardships specific to this population. I work with individuals and couples to improve their personal lives as well as their relationships. I also work extensively with domestic violence cases, as well as anger management correction. I offer non-judgmental individual, couples and family counseling for a variety of struggles and concerns. 

Office Locations: Sheboygan

Michelle Brownson, LPC, LSW

Mental Health Therapist

My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental and collaborative environment in which to empower clients to make the changes they want to see in their lives.  I believe in meeting clients where they are and linking them with community resources to meet other life needs as well.

I have worked extensively with children for over 14 years.  This experience has provided me with a passion to work with children/adolescents who are experiencing a behavioral struggles such as ADHD/ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, anger management, anxiety and depression.   My life experience has also led me to have a great interest in working with children/adolescents who have been diagnosed with Autism, developmental disorders and learning disorders.  I utilize a cognitive/behavioral approach which allows therapy to meet the needs of the individual while allowing them to be an active part of treatment.  

Office Locations: Crivitz

Travis Nugent, LMFT-IT 
Marriage and Family Therapist 

Every part of you is welcome, and I will help you see that you are much stronger than you think you are! I am encouraging, supporting, funny, and compassionate. By being down to earth and authentic, my style encourages clients to be themselves in therapy. Through this they gain knowledge of their individual and relational patterns and how to intercept and change them.

As an Experiential therapist, clients that see me gain insight into themselves and their symptoms (depression, anger, anxiety), and delve deeper into healing the origin of where they came from.

I will be warm, and I will be challenging in a confident and hope filled way. I feel so honored to be with my clients, and look forward to meeting you soon. Please reach out to me if I sound like a good fit for you and/or your family!

Office Location: Sheboygan